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The world is demanding "quiet." Trains, planes and automobiles are engineered to be as acoustically acceptable as possible to not only the users on the inside but to onlookers that are exposed from the outside. This demand for "quiet" is also afoot at home. Quiet appliances and HVAC equipment are becoming expected by family members inside the house and neighbors on the outside. Homes are built closer and closer which requires that those central AC compressor units be as quiet as possible to keep the peace and allow for a relaxing evening outdoors.

Glasrite has been supplying the products required to meet these ever growing demands for over 20 years. If you want "quiet", we can give that to you. We have access to an extensive list of different sound absorbing and dampening materials and have the experience to fabricate these into sound shields that are wrapped around, pulled over, adhered or strapped to noise generating equipment like outdoor AC compressors, home laundry, dishwasher, and HVAC blowers. Some applications require very sophisticated solutions and others are very simple. No matter which category your application falls under, we have the expertise and capability to supply the solution needed.

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