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The EZ Peel fiberglass product line was developed to fill a need in the HVAC and Appliance markets for a peel & stick fiberglass product that not only had superior adhesion qualities but was designed to allow the release paper to peel quickly and easily. No more pulling off chunks of fiberglass or spending valuable production time working to separate the release paper from the double sided tape that others have tried in the past. The EZ Peel system has been time tested in several real life applications where it has been subjected to heat, humidity and significant air flow across the surface and has been tested to, and passed, ASTM-E84 test method.

The EZ Peel solution offers numerous savings for our customers. No longer is the need for additional labor to apply liquid or hot melt adhesives. All the start up, shut down, clean up, maintenance work is gone. Your EH&S department is no longer focusing time and energy working to minimize employee exposure to VOC's from the airborne adhesive sprays or fumes. Valuable production floor space is again liberated to be used for much higher value added operations when the large, dirty spray booths and those glue totes that are never quite fully drained are removed. Productivity and moral increase in tandem due to improved employee job satisfaction.

EZ Peel is the right solution for your application as well. Please allow us to develop a design that best meets your business needs.